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HMS Intrepid was one of two 'Fearless' class amphibious ships. She served with the British Surface fleet for over 30 years and was finally scrapped in 2009 here in the United Kingdom. This website is dedicated to her memory and to the countless men from countries around the world that were fortunate enough to grace her decks.

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HMS INTREPID - Her Final Journey nominated for top award - As you know, George Heron, he site organiser was invited to the Maritime Media Awards in London where his book, HMS INTREPID - Her Final Journey had been short listed for

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"To be invited to this prestigious event is one thing. but to be included as one of the short listed nominees for the Mountbatten Media Award is an absolute honour and privilege. When we saw who our fellow nominees were we realised the enormity of being short listed and I am immensely proud to have been given this opportunity to represent HMS Intrepid in this way. My aim has always been in the best interests of our ship despite what others might think or promote. By reaching this plateau of recognition I believe that my efforts to promote the name HMS Intrepid and to keep her memory alive have been realised by those that matter".                                  George Heron.

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HMS INTREPID Commemorative Coin- In 2009 there was talk of creating a coin forged from brass taken from Intrepid during her disposal. Unfortunately things never took off so we took it upon ourselves to commission a coin forged from brass and then gold plated. Each coin is individually numbered and with only 100 ever being made these are truly collectors items. Sales of the coin has been brisk but we still have a few left so why not grab one while you can. THIS COIN IS ONLY AVAILABLE FROM US


HMS Intrepid propeller - During the sumer months we were contacted by Mrs Alison Ashton who had stumble on a wonderful ornamental show piece that was situated near to her home town. After researching the piece Alison contacted us to announce her find and we are very pleased to be in a position to let the world know that the propellor from our ship has been lovingly restored and sits pride of place outside the headquarters of a large shipping company. We have been in touch with this company and plans are afoot to visit the site and take some images of what is surely the largest surviving piece of our ship.

A massive thank you to Alison for bringing this to our attention and as a way of saying thank you Alison is now the proud owner of some of our memorabilia including her very own commemorative coin.


We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new brooch commemorating Operation Corporate 1982 this brooch has been designed and commissioned by our team and we are offering the brooch for sale with a donation being made to our chosen charity from each sale made.

The brooch is cast from brass and then gold plated. It is 22mm at its widest point and shows the Islands and the name of the military operation (Operation Corporate). The brooch is only available from us and our associated partners and a donation from the sale of each brooch will be made to our supported charity COMBAT STRESS. There are limited numbers of this brooch and to order yours simply visit our shop area or visit website.

Funnel Badge finds a new home- Back in 2009 we were able to secure the port side funnel badge from Intrepid. The badge was paid for from donations from 20 or so ex-ships company members and has now found its way to the Royal Marine training Barracks at Instow, Devon.

The badge hangs over the entrance to the newly opened accommodation barracks on the base. Unfortunately we were not in a position to attend the opening and dedication ceremony so no pictures of the occasion are at hand.

The badge hung on the port funnel for most of Intrepid's career and showed the Combined Operations insignia. Mounted copies of the insignia are now uniquely available from our stores should anyone wish to purchase a wall mounted plaque. [Shop]

INTREPID DVD - In 2009 when Intrepid entered Canada Dock Liverpool, we were fortunate to have been granted access to the ship. We took our trusty video camera with us and we were able to gather some rare and memorable moments from both outside and inside the ship.

We have put this footage into a DVD and with narration and music we have created a lasting reminder to the ship that so many of us once called home.

Running time is about 30mins and we experience first hand, a walk through the ship as narrated by George Heron.

This DVD is only available from us and will make a fantastic addition to anyones DVD collection. There are now limited numbers of these so order from our store now!


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Neil served on HMS INTREPID during the Falklands conflict of 1982. At the time Neil was a gunner and on one sunny day in May he shot down an Argentine aircraft. For 25 years Neil believed that he had killed the pilot but by chance he watched a TV programme and realised that this may not have been the case. Neil has now been given the chance to tell his story any you can read it here>>

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Since our relaunch in June 2011 we are very pleased to show that we have had over 2,000 unique visitors to our site from 40 countries world wide.

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the 2010 Mountbatten Maritime award for Literary Contribution. Unfortunately George did not win the top prize but when we see the nominations the enormity of his achievement can be fully appreciated.

We work closely with other websites and we are pleased to be associated to the Forever-Jack website. Why not pay them a visit after you have viewed our site.

The book can be purchased from our store and each book will be personally signed by George before being despatched.

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Tom De Wits Book - Ghosts Of The Falklands -

We are pleased to be able to promote Toms book here on our site. Tom is the curator at the Westbury Manor Museum and his book Ghosts of the Falklands tells the pictorial story of the last surviving ships laid up in Fareham creek, Portsmouth. HMS Cardiff, Glasgow, Intrepid & Fearless feature in this book with some fantastic close up photography that brings to you close to these historic ships.

The book was written in 2009 and alas the ships are now long gone from Portsmouth and indeed all have now been sold for scrap.

To order your copy of this book contact us here andwe will forward you request onto Tom himself.


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We are pleased to be able to announce that our good Friend Paul ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson who served on HMS INTREPID during the 1982 conflict, is returning the islands in a few days time. Paul will flying out from RAF Brize Norton in a few short days and he will be enduring the 20hr flight to the Falklands with his friend and ship mate ‘Kitch’.

We are thrilled that Hutch will be returning on what will be an momentous and memorable journey for him. Both Paul and Kitch served as Stewards on INTREPID and Paul got to visit the island at the end of hostilities when he managed to ‘Blag’ a flight on a Seaking Helicopter piloted by the then FL/Lt Robert Grundy RAF.

We are thrilled to be able to sponsor both Paul and Kitch on their journey and both have been kitted out with their grat issue of our own range of clothing, jackets and commemorative pins. Paul has agreed to send us images and updates of his journey and we are planning to put his reports onto the website once we get them.